Accuracy of Information

The material contained on this website is soley to provide general information on goods and services provided by Steves Paints Ltd. While Steves Paints Ltd has taken reasonable steps to ensure accuracy of the information, Steves Paints Ltd accepts no responsibility for any inaccuracy, omission, or incompleteness of the information on this website. Steves Paints Ltd reserves the right to change or remove any product or piece of information at its discretion.
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Steve’s Paints is not liable for errors or defects by the Manufacturer or other circumstances beyond its control. Goods are supplied on the strict understanding that British Standards relating to fixing are applied.
All descriptions, advertising, sample images and specifications on our website are for the purpose of giving an approximate description of the goods and their accuracy cannot be guaranteed. The goods are supplied within the Manufacturer’s tolerance limits of size, texture and colour variations. It is recommended that tiles from all boxes are mixed to give a reasonable blend. All natural stone are supplied subject to natural colour variations. Steve’s Paints cannot guarantee to match shades or batches of previous orders.
Every effort will be made to effect delivery within a quoted period. The Customer shall have no right to claim damages for any delay in delivery.
Steves Paints accepts no responsibility for any under- or over-measurement/estimation of materials required.

Checks Prior to Fitting

Customers must check that the order is correct before the job commences. For example tones of all tiles are correct before tiling commences. Also the batch of the wallpaper is the same before wallpapering commences. Steves Paints Ltd does not accept any liability for incorrect colour/batch combinations after the job has commenced.

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